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Golden waves and a Zazzle Teddy Bear

I haven’t added much new designs to my store lately, but I managed to add a kamon with golden waves and a Zazzle Teddy Bear. Most work I did last couple of months went into recycling old designs to new products. This is an easy way to boost the amout of products without spending too […]

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Haida Weeping Skull and other new stuff

I’ve finally started making my own Haida Formline art, the first one is called the Haida Weeping Skull. Besides Haida art I made a series of new patterns. But first Haida Formline. Copying from the web and recreating copied designs isn’t very satisfying and therefor I decided to make my own Haida Formline designs. I […]

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Martian Colonists art on Pinterest

On Pinterest I created a new board with Martian Colonists art. Well, not real Martian colonists, but I like the sound of it. I do get to find very interesting art on Pinterest which which you won’t see that easy on Zazzle. I found this beauty. And I wanted to do just a quick post […]

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Japanese lozenges and starting with Pinterest

First, I created some Japanese patterns, Japanese lozenges, Japanese fish scales and a hemp leaves pattern. By the way, Zazzle doesn’t like the word “hemp”, so on Zazzle I replaced that with “herb”. At the moment I have well over 1700 products. In the last two months I created three times as many products as […]