Barcelona tile pattern for Zazzle merchandise

I’ve added a new Barcelona tile pattern to my Zazzle account in order to create a bunch of products. Let’s see if I can make some sales.

It’s not the first Barcelona tile pattern, but this one I explicitly show off for the first time on a website. For the purpose of selling, that is. Below is an Apple iPhone 12 case as an example, but I’ve got dozens of products with this pattern.

Most of my patterns I get from books and I redraw them in Inkscape. If you’re into patterns for products designs, a vector graphic program is essential. Especially if you need to design for a whole range of products at Zazzle. Inkscape is a free open source program that looks like Adobe Illustrator. You don’t get all the extras like fonts in Illustrator and the workflow isn’t as slick, but it gets the job don.

You know what? You can even get Adobe Illustrator at Amazon. Even if it’s just a digital subscription on software. What do they think of next!

I’ve got a bunch of examples of Barcelona tile patterns. They pretty colorful and bright an I find them very well suited for Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy cases or the like. As you can see above, a nice clear and bright picture on a webpage.