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  • Deathly Hallows Symbol Pattern

    Deathly Hallows Symbol Pattern

    Deathly Hallows are the last two movies in the Harry Potter series. The story revolves around a powerful symbol and the three objects it involves. The symbol of the Deathly Hallows is a very simple one which, since the books and movies of Harry Potter, is used in all kinds of merchandize. From jewelry to […]

  • Galactic Empire Needs Office Tie Fighters

    Galactic Empire Needs Office Tie Fighters

    The Galactic Empire not only needs Tie Fighter pilots, but also a lot of ties for office jocks. Running an empire crossing many stars isn’t easy, it takes a lot of bureaucrats. And what do those paper pushers need? Exactly, suits and ties. Now, you won’t have a Star wars Trading Post on every corner […]

  • Takeda kamon and Oda mon revisited

    I want to add more historical Tokugawa Shogunate kamon designs and I start with the Takeda kamon. And besides that I had an old design of the Oda Kamon which needed rework. My new kamon of the famous Takeda clan from the Sengoku period. The most famous Takeda member is Takeda Shingen who fought in […]

  • meditation Mandala to Focus Attention

    meditation Mandala to Focus Attention

    Ever needed to focus your attention with a meditation Mandala? Well, I do. My last post was October 2015 and since then I’ve moved. In November to be exactly. That meant that since October not much focus was put on my online money making business and that has to change. Don’t get me wrong, I […]

  • Shogunate Ottoman Empire designs

    Shogunate Ottoman Empire designs

    The output of new designs is low last months due to a moving house project, but I got some Shogunate and Ottoman empire designs to show. Firstly, I have two new Japanese kamon designs. On is fictional and the other is real. In this paragraph, I start of with the Hattori mon. It is a […]