Category: Design Examples

  • Japanese lozenges and starting with Pinterest

    First, I created some Japanese patterns, Japanese lozenges, Japanese fish scales and a hemp leaves pattern. By the way, Zazzle doesn’t like the word “hemp”, so on Zazzle I replaced that with “herb”. At the moment I have well over 1700 products. In the last two months I created three times as many products as […]

  • Barcelona and vintage retro space art posters

    A page is added with some great posters in a vintage retro space art theme. I try to find at least 50 good ones, because Zazzle is a numbers game. You probably heard that often. It is all about getting found. Either by having a lot of products designed by yourself. Or promoting a big […]

  • Cool iPhone cases from Zazzle – retro space

    One way to make a buck is to market cool iPhone cases from other Zazzle stores. This is done by means of the affiliate program of Zazzle. In your Zazzle account you’ll find a unique number which you add to the link of the product on your website. Or better. Log on to Zazzle, find […]

  • Barcelona tile design number four for Zazzle

    Last week I finished a new Barcelona tile design for my Zazzle store. This time it got a flower pattern in the tile. I think, but I’m not sure, that flower and nature images sell well on Zazzle. My top product is ink art drawing if a hop plant. That is the “fruit” and the […]

  • Barcelona tile pattern for Zazzle merchandise

    I’ve added a new Barcelona tile pattern to my Zazzle account in order to create a bunch of products. Let’s see if I can make some sales. It’s not the first Barcelona tile pattern, but this one I explicitly show off for the first time on a website. For the purpose of selling, that is. […]