Haida Killer Whale and a Spreadshirt shop

In my previous post I mentioned that I wanted improve on my formline designs, this resuted in a Haida Killer Whale. This time I looked closely at the different formline elements. The example I found on the internet I modified there where necessary. All in all I’m pleased with the result.

Northwest Pacific coast Haida art Killer whale
Northwest Pacific coast Haida art Killer whale by ejkaal
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Besides a new design I’m still tinkering with leveraging my designs to a bigger audience. I already started a Cafepress shop which started to fill up nicely. Obviously also with my Haida Killer Whale.

Haida Killer Whale on red Framed Tile

Haida Killer Whale on red Framed Tile


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I asked the lady of five green lizards if she also used different print on demand services like Cafepress. She thought the interface of Cafepress too much hassle, so se doesn’t. Indeed it is a pain and you don’t have the flexibility of Zazzle. But I want to give Cafepress a try because sell cheaper products, maybe I can access a different audience. To date I only made one sale, so not much luck yet.

Zazzle and Cafepress cater mainly for the US market and I don’t want to skip the EU market. My first choice is Spreadshirt, a German company. They usually target per language in the EU, so my Dutch shop only sells in the Netherlands and Belgium. But the also have an EU wide website. I started a shop there and put some designs for sale, but Spreadshirt really uses your designs through their marketplace. So I made sure my Haida Killer Whale is on the market place for all Europeans to find.

Men's Country T-Shirt - T-Shirts Hadai killer whale T-Shirts

Spreadshirt Market Place Product
Hadai killer whale T-Shirts

Both the Cafepress and Spreadshirt shops need time to get some sales. In the mean time I’ll look for another POD service for the EU.