Mars colony art products on Zazzle

Mars colony art is not quite the correct title for this page yet. But, I love all things Mars and I want a Mars page. For almost ten years I’ve been involved with the Mars scene.

First with the Mars Society Netherlands and later with its successor Explore Mars Netherlands. In stead of a direct bond with The Mars Society we are now linked with Explore Mars Inc. This has nothing to do with splits in organizations but more with the new positive developments in commercial space activities.

I never imagined ten years ago that we people actually will start designing for getting a Mars colony in the future. I joined the Mars Society just because I love space. Now, concrete preparations are made to get people on Mars, for instance by Mars One. So, I thought it would be a good idea to show of all kinds of Mars Colony art from Zazzle. But I’m a bit disappointed though. There is not much Mars colony art, just Mars in general. And it gets down hill very quickly after a few pages.

With Mars getting hot again and to keep the fire burning there might be a market for Mars colony art. I suggested Mars merchandize years ago for propaganda purposes, but it never got from the ground. Maybe I have to rekindle that option. Some of the products shown below are from Explore Mars Netherlands and the t-shirts do quite well, despite the fact we do not market them. For now the best examples I could find on Zazzle.

Space is such a great hobby for me that I made another page. This one is solely for any vintage or retro space art I can find on the the Zazzle marketplace. You can find the page over here. Look around there might be something you want on your wall.