Galactic Empire Star Wars Banner and Mon

Star Wars Trading Post

Galactic Empire! I was twelve year when in 1977 the first Star Wars movie was shown. It converted me into a Science Fiction fanboy and I never got cured from the illness.

The three first films about the Galactic Empire made a big impact on me. The sets, the matte paintings, the special effects, this is how all Science Fiction films and TV-series should be. I still believe that Star Wars has the visual language for a realistic looking Science Fiction Universe.

The second series of three movies were very slick and well crafted but they didn’t do much for me. I guess a good plot really does matter. So, now number seven is coming and with the promise of the same magic the first three had. And hopefully a good plot.

I never did Star Wars fan art myself, but since I’m so busy with my online stores the couple of years I gave it a try. I do a lot of Japanese mon and kamon, the insignia of the Galactic Empire looks a bit like a mon. Let’s make my own version. Needless to so that one thing lead to another.

Galactic Empire Mon

Of course the Star Wars Galactic Empire also has a banner. I couldn’t find a good photo from the movies of a banner, so I gave it my own twist. I’m not sure if I’ll put it on a Zazzle flag and sell it.

Galactic Empire Banner

Obviously this little logo design is ideal for a neck tie, so I made one which I put up in one of my Zazzle shops (more about that in this post). The lines are at an angle, just like a regimental neck tie. Well, the Galactic Empire is a bit militaristic. Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious) would be very happy with me.