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  • Will my Redbubble shop be a success?

    Will my Redbubble shop be a success?

    I heard good reviews about Redbubble. So, in January I pulled the trigger and opened my own Redbubble shop. My attitude is not to be on to many Print-On-Demand platform. It will cause too much maintenance which can’t be justified by the meager sales you get. So why start another shop then? There is a […]

  • Medieval romanesque patterns as a new line

    Recently I added medieval romanesque patterns as a new product line. Now, some posts ago I mentioned I didn’t want to focus on patterns since they don’t sell very well. Illustrations of, for instance, animals do so much better. But, patterns are made quickly and put on products easily. Therefore I started a second shop […]

  • Haida Killer Whale and a Spreadshirt shop

    In my previous post I mentioned that I wanted improve on my formline designs, this resuted in a Haida Killer Whale. This time I looked closely at the different formline elements. The example I found on the internet I modified there where necessary. All in all I’m pleased with the result. Northwest Pacific coast Haida […]

  • Haida art Thunderbird illustrations

    One type of illustration always did very well and that was my Haida salmon, I therefor added a Haida art Thunderbird. In fact, I use the Haida Salmon as my logo. This salmon did very well and I like the aspects of a salmon. Swimming against the stream and against all odds. It took me […]

  • New illustrations for Zazzle and Cafepress

    New illustrations for Zazzle and Cafepress

    Since my last post I noticed that my production of new illustrations started go down. I might have touched this point that creating an illustration for a design is a bit harder than a pattern. For a pattern it is easy to get inspiration. Patterns are everywhere, in advertisement, on the web, there are even […]