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  • Will my Redbubble shop be a success?

    Will my Redbubble shop be a success?

    I heard good reviews about Redbubble. So, in January I pulled the trigger and opened my own Redbubble shop. My attitude is not to be on to many Print-On-Demand platform. It will cause too much maintenance which can’t be justified by the meager sales you get. So why start another shop then? There is a […]

  • Spring cleaning and culling products

    Spring cleaning is something you need to do every year. This means also for my Zazzle shops. One of the shops does not perform at all, so it is selected for an experiment. Until now I mainly used the “quick create” tool of Zazzle. With mixed results. This is a handy tool to apply a […]

  • Control your Life and Business by Creating Value

    Control your Life and Business by Creating Value

    Owning a small business is all about creating value. You’ll hear entrepreneur’s often put a lot of emphasis on creating value. Without it their business won’t have a reason for existing. But what do they mean with value. Many of us work for big companies, like I do. Deep inside a large hierarchy it is […]

  • meditation Mandala to Focus Attention

    meditation Mandala to Focus Attention

    Ever needed to focus your attention with a meditation Mandala? Well, I do. My last post was October 2015 and since then I’ve moved. In November to be exactly. That meant that since October not much focus was put on my online money making business and that has to change. Don’t get me wrong, I […]

  • Shogunate Ottoman Empire designs

    Shogunate Ottoman Empire designs

    The output of new designs is low last months due to a moving house project, but I got some Shogunate and Ottoman empire designs to show. Firstly, I have two new Japanese kamon designs. On is fictional and the other is real. In this paragraph, I start of with the Hattori mon. It is a […]