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  • Struggling curating stale products in Zazzle shops

    Struggling curating stale products in Zazzle shops

    At the moment I’m struggling curating my stale products in all of my Zazzle shops. Zazzle itself made changes in its policy regarding stale product. Not anymore six months without views and sales, but a generous fifteen months. Zazzle had quite some trouble to get the views count fixed, daily counts were useless and counts […]

  • Cafepress shop setup alongside Zazzle

    Years ago I set up a Cafepress shop for the Dutch Mars Society. Cafepress was the place to go for print-on-demand t-shirts. I always found the user interface unfriendly and difficult. Soon after I discovered Zazzle and was impressed how Zazzle implemented their user interface. I left the Cafepress shop for what it was and […]

  • Making Money online with a Digital Homestead

    What is it with people wanting so eagerly making money online. Ever since the internet took off, so did the number off people wanting to start a business. Thanks to the web it’s never been so “easy”. But are all those budding entrepreneurs real business man and women? Getting some freedom back A common reason […]