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  • Takeda kamon and Oda mon revisited

    I want to add more historical Tokugawa Shogunate kamon designs and I start with the Takeda kamon. And besides that I had an old design of the Oda Kamon which needed rework. My new kamon of the famous Takeda clan from the Sengoku period. The most famous Takeda member is Takeda Shingen who fought in […]

  • Shogunate Ottoman Empire designs

    Shogunate Ottoman Empire designs

    The output of new designs is low last months due to a moving house project, but I got some Shogunate and Ottoman empire designs to show. Firstly, I have two new Japanese kamon designs. On is fictional and the other is real. In this paragraph, I start of with the Hattori mon. It is a […]

  • Galactic Empire Star Wars Banner and Mon

    Galactic Empire Star Wars Banner and Mon

    Galactic Empire! I was twelve year when in 1977 the first Star Wars movie was shown. It converted me into a Science Fiction fanboy and I never got cured from the illness. The three first films about the Galactic Empire made a big impact on me. The sets, the matte paintings, the special effects, this […]

  • Kaigani Thunderbird and some tadpoles

    It’s been a while since I posted a blog and in the mean time I created some new designs. I finally finished a new Haida formline drawing, this time a Kaigani Thunderbird. Drawing the thing on paper is fun, recreating it in Inkscape can be a chore. To give you a glimpse of my work […]

  • Illustrations sell better than patterns

    Recently I’ve come to a surprising conclusion that illustrations sell better than patterns. It’s been a while since I posted a blog, October and November were rather busy. But I didn’t sit on my hands. I did some research on my sales to see what actually sells best. I made a lot of patterns, but […]