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  • meditation Mandala to Focus Attention

    meditation Mandala to Focus Attention

    Ever needed to focus your attention with a meditation Mandala? Well, I do. My last post was October 2015 and since then I’ve moved. In November to be exactly. That meant that since October not much focus was put on my online money making business and that has to change. Don’t get me wrong, I […]

  • Barcelona and vintage retro space art posters

    A page is added with some great posters in a vintage retro space art theme. I try to find at least 50 good ones, because Zazzle is a numbers game. You probably heard that often. It is all about getting found. Either by having a lot of products designed by yourself. Or promoting a big […]

  • Barcelona tile design number four for Zazzle

    Last week I finished a new Barcelona tile design for my Zazzle store. This time it got a flower pattern in the tile. I think, but I’m not sure, that flower and nature images sell well on Zazzle. My top product is ink art drawing if a hop plant. That is the “fruit” and the […]

  • Barcelona tile pattern for Zazzle merchandise

    I’ve added a new Barcelona tile pattern to my Zazzle account in order to create a bunch of products. Let’s see if I can make some sales. It’s not the first Barcelona tile pattern, but this one I explicitly show off for the first time on a website. For the purpose of selling, that is. […]