Your Amazon Merch designs will be deleted

Your Amazon Merch designs will be deleted and that is a good thing. Last year I started with Amazon Merch, a new print on demand platform.

Since Amazon has more than sixty million Amazon Prime account (and counting), that makes Amazon Merch a great opportunity for anyone who’s looking for a large audience. If only I could reach those many wallets. And I wasn’t the only one who thought that way.

Lots of novelty t-shirts at Amazon. For instance look at this cool Iron Man all over print. Lots of franchises to choose from. Warner Brothers, Disney, Marvel, you name it.

Amazon got swamped with Amazon Merch accounts who produced more than a million designs. The company got problems fulfilling a flood of orders and the huge amount of designs made searching by Amazon Prime customers a hassle. Jeff Bezos needed to react and did so in a brutish manner. But that can be a good thing for serious sellers.

So, I decided to make a Youtube video about this issue. Yes, I make video’s now also. It’s still just an experiment and it actually is rather a lot of work. So don’t get your hopes up.

Mind you, Amazon being Amazon, their policies tend to change often. The sixty days of no sales is already replaced by a longer period. One negative point is that a seller gets an enormous amount of maintenance to deal with. That might be an issue for a seller. The amount of maintenance work is weighed against the received royalties.